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Style is something thats part of us, sometimes without noticing, an aspect which constitutes a part of our identity, the side of us we want to show the world around us. We’re always in the search of a newness when it comes to this, to evolve within our image, under the vision of aligning the impression we want to give with our personality. But style wasn’t meant to go along some boring guidelines of black and white: It’s made to break it, mold it and shape it however we want to. With fashion, there is no thing as borders, and that’s what Unbordered Gear aims to prove.

We focus on giving you quality products, made with technique and expertise, while we also dream to provide you effortless elegance and attitude into your day-to-day. Timeless pieces meet the latest trends, as we don’t settle with just one mood: From soft, basic shirts to breezy, summery pants and skirts; Unbordered Gear wants to be your designer of choice. We set a mission: To let it be known that high-end brands are not the only way to dress well and, feel fabulous. That looking and feeling your best doesn't have to be over priced.

In the end, our wide selection of pieces and styles is handpicked and made thinking about the many sides everyone can have, the faces we show in a day: Sporty and athletic, classic and dazzling, vibrant and fun, casual and comfortable… We can’t reduce people to a single snapshot, to one view; and at Unbordered Gear, we rather celebrate uniqueness through the one thing which says some of who we are.