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The Impact of LeBron James on The Fashion World

The Impact of LeBron James on The Fashion World

With his recent move to the Lakers, LeBron James has taken the NBA world by storm. James is among the best basketball players in history, and some would even argue that he’s the greatest of all time. Aside from that, he’s also one of the most influential people in the world, and although he’s not an active political speaker, he cares a lot about his roots and the community he came from. The combination of skills and positive PR has made LeBron one of the most impactful figures in sports. This is why anything that LeBron puts on turns into gold, and his attire often becomes a sensation overnight. With that said, let’s see what type of fashion the King has given rise to throughout the years:

Captain Kith Collection
There’s no arguing that the Captain Kith collection is one of the most obscure side brands that LeBron has made popular. You may not know who Captain Kith is, and you’ll be surprised to find that he’s the mascot of the Cap’n Crunch cereal. He’s made hoodies and sneakers with the word “Kith” written on it. The Kith Series was on top of the men’s fashion trend this past fall, and although the popularity fell a bit in December of 2018, it’s still a valuable collection.

LeBron-Elliott Fashion Line
LeBron has been collaborating with John Elliot, a legendary streetwear designer, ever since his first pair of shoes came out. Elliot was the one who designed the iconic LBJ logo, and it’s the very same one that has been representing the LeBron brand for over a decade now. John Elliot has always been keen on minimal designs and combined with LeBron’s personal flair, the LeBron-Elliot fashion line has been among the most popular sportswear line in the market for years. From hoodies, shorts, and sweatpants, to sneakers, there are all types of products for all LeBron’s fans.

High-End Streetwear
You may have seen the rise of the streetwear fashion line from high-end brands such as Saint Laurent, Rick Owens, and even Gucci. The trend was originated in the sports community, and you could say that LeBron James was one of the more well-known names that popularized the style. Clothing such as denim jackets, cropped jeans, jogger sweatpants, and graphic tees are some of the styles LeBron has been wearing, and the style definitely caught on. Before, street fashion was always a second thought in the high-end fashion world. As the attire becomes more prominent among celebrities such as LBJ, these major brands are looking to ride the hype and come up with their own streetwear lines.

King of the Court, King of Sneakers
You can’t talk about the LBJ brand without mentioning the shoes, and Nike definitely made the right choice in acquiring the king even before he made it to the NBA. Most NBA stars have 3 or 4 signature shoes, and maybe 6 or 7 for franchise superstars. LeBron, on the other hand, has 15 signature shoes under his name, and there are more coming within the next few years. This makes him one of the most iconic figures in the sneaker world, as some of his limited edition sneakers are among the rarest and most expensive. You could say that the Jordan brand is still arguably more popular, but that’s because the brand has secured its place in the market for more than 20 years. When you consider how long LeBron has been in the industry and compared it to the impact he has in the world, you could argue that James may hold an even more prestigious position than Jordan himself.

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