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The Moments That Made us Love LeBron James

The Moments That Made us Love LeBron James

The number 23 holds a special place in many basketball fans hearts. It was the number that the great Michael Jordan wore, but now, the legacy of the number passes on to one man; LeBron James. With his aggressive playstyle and an unmatched playmaking ability, King James has been named the best basketball player in the world as of current. Although he’s been criticized for leaving Cleveland and creating the first true Super Team in Miami, an event some claimed was the beginning of the Warrior’s dominance over the NBA, he’s still loved by many.  Not only that he has seen a ton of success on the court; LeBron has also proven that he’s a smart businessman and a caring member of the community. Despite the slippery slope of a love-hate relationship many fans have with him, LeBron James is undeniably one of the most influential people in the modern days.

In this article, we’ll talk about the 4 events that turned LBJ into a household name that we know today.

1. He Took the ESPY Stage
The Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award or ESPY is an annual event held to commemorate and celebrate the success of athletes. Winning an ESPY award is an accolade to show the devotion, dedication, and hard work, and that’s why the award is prized by so many historic names. LeBron has won a number of ESPYs in his time, but his most memorable time at the ESPY wasn’t when he was a recipient, it was when he was a co-host of the event. He was drafted into the NBA fresh out of high school in 2003, and by 2007, he was only 22 years old. But that’s what makes The King so great, he never shies away from the spotlight! He went on stage to sing and dance for the audience. That was the time when he was a very young man, and although he’s changed a lot since then, we’ll never forget the first time we saw LeBron being his goofy self on stage.

2. Comedy Skit on Saturday Night Live
Being on Saturday Night Live is almost like a milestone for someone’s fame, and you best believe that young Bron has been there. Just three months after the ESPY, LeBron was back at it again. He hosted the 33rd season premiere of Saturday Night Live, and it was a huge hit at the time. 2007 was the year that the Cavs finally reached the Finals, but they were swept in 4 games by the San Antonio Spurs. It was a devastating loss for Cleveland, sure, but LeBron made it light by joking about it on stage. It showed the fans that he could take a loss, but he surely would do all that he could to not repeat the same mistake twice!

3. Reclaiming Gold
The 2004 Olympics was a disaster for the USA basketball team. They lost to Argentina in the crucial game and only won bronze. This came as a shock to the entire world, and to the US basketball fans in particular. Although the team featured big names like Tim Duncan and Allen Iverson, they weren’t enough to make a truly elite team. Dwyane Wade and LeBron James were in the line up too, but they were 20 year-olds who were still developing their raw potential. After this embarrassment, LeBron made it his mission to win an Olympic gold medal back for the USA, and in 2008, another Dream Team was assembled. The team consisted of prime Kobe, Chirs Paul, Wade, Jason Kidd, Dwight Howard, and Carmelo Anthony. They won gold that year and every year after, and LeBron was a major contributor to every single win they’ve gotten.

4. Forever The King of Cleveland
The city of Cleveland hasn’t seen any real success in sports for decades until LeBron came around. When the Cavs finally won a championship in 2016, the entire city lit up with joy. This is why Lebron will forever be loved by the Cleveland crowd, no matter where he goes. Not only that, LeBron always goes out of his ways to help the community and make his fans happy. He’s recently opened a school in Akron, his hometown, and everything from food to the curriculum and the facility was funded entirely by himself. He has designed and given shoes to those in need all across the country. This is why he will never be forgotten, as he’s done more good for the community and respects the fans sincerely.

The Story of The LBJ Logo and The Man Behind It

The Story of The LBJ Logo and The Man Behind It

When we talk about the greatest basketball player of all time, two names come up. Michael Jordan, the man who won lead the legendary Chicago Bulls team to 3 championships back-to-back twice. And LeBron James, the basketball genius who took down the greatest basketball team ever assembled in history, the 2016-2017 Golden State Warriors. The man is not only known for his incredible basketball talent, but he’s also known to be a smart businessman and a man who cares about his root and community.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how King James rose to fame to become an iconic individual that he is today.

The History of LeBron James
LeBron Raymone James was born in 1984, and he showed flashes of greatness from a very young age. He played for St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio, and was named the best high school basketball player. LeBron was drafted first overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2003 draft class–one of the most talented draft classes of all time. He competed with for the rookie of the year award against names such as Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh and won by a wide margin.

During his first tenure with the Cavs, he couldn’t win a championship for them, so he moved on to play for the Miami Heat with Bosh and Wade in 2011. The team won 2 championships back to back in 2012 and 2013, but that wasn’t the end of the story. After winning 2 titles with the Heat, LeBron came back to his home team; the Cavs.

The city of Cleveland had been in a championship drought for years and years, and LeBron finally lifted the curse together with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love in a thrilling 7 games series against Steph Curry’s Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals. The Cavs were down 3-1 in the series; the whole world thought it was over, but not LeBron. He brought them back from the brink of going home, and game by game, they crawled their way back. In the 7th game, LeBron had a monster performance. He had a triple-double with 27 points to boot, including the final block on Andre Iguodala in the last 2 minutes of the game when the game was tied which shifted the momentum of the entire game.

The Cavs went on to win that game and brought home a trophy for Cleveland. Although it was the only championship he won with the Cavs, the city appreciated him for it. Recently, LeBron has opened the “I Promise” school in Akron, his hometown ridden with poverty and underprivileged children, and that’s exactly who the school was built for. He wanted to give the opportunity that he never had to children who might not be as blessed as he was. This made him even more loved by the community than he was before. Even though LeBron has moved on from Cleveland, the city has never ceased to pay respect to him. Now, he plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, but the fans still cheer for him whenever the Lakers play the Cavs at Cleveland.

LeBron’s Net Worth

LeBron is one of the highest-valued sports celebrities of all time. In 2017, Forbes estimated that he’s worth around $86 million, and he will continue to be paid by Nike, thanks to the contract that he signed back in 2003 that guarantee that he would make $1 billion throughout the course of his life. His success wasn’t limited to the basketball court, as he’s proven himself time and again to be a smart investor who knows what to do with his money as well.

The LBJ Logo
LeBron James’s first logo was created in 2003 when he signed a contract with Nike to produce shoes and other apparel featuring his name and logo. At the time, LeBron was playing for the Miami Heat, and the logo that was designed featured his jersey number as well as his initials and a crown design.

The LBJ logo was first designed and launched in 2003 when he first signed a shoe contract with Nike. The current logo was designed in 2010 by Darrin Crescenzi, and it’s still being used today. It represents everything that he represents, from basketball to his jersey number, and his desire to be the best at what he does. The crown design is a homage to his “King James” nickname, along with the number 23, his chosen jersey number.

LeBron’s stardom is nowhere near finishing, and there’s no sign of him slowing down. The sales of his Nike products still continue to rise with each year. With every big move that he makes, the brand becomes bigger and stronger. Ever since he left Cleveland the first time, he has never been perceived badly by the media. Back then, Cavs fans burned his jerseys and booed at him every time that he played in Cleveland as a Heat. Sports channels like ESPN slammed him on how he made the league unfair. That’s not the case anymore.

Now, his brand revolves around the idea of being the greatest, and that idea is represented in his products. His clothing line doesn’t involve heavy patterns, but rather a bright, stylish, design while being predominantly black. His logo is usually placed on these black patches in white.

When you think about it, Nike has a tight grip on two of the biggest stars in the history of basketball, and both of them have amazing, iconic logos that fans everywhere can remember. This is a great business partner choice for LeBron, as he’s still reaping the benefits from the contract that he signed 15 years ago as an 18-year-old up and coming basketball star. His legacy and his logo will be remembered long after his time on the court is over.

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