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Types of T-Shirts That You Should Wear For The Summer

Types of T-Shirts That You Should Wear For The Summer

Ah, it's summer! If you're a man with good taste, you're going to want a good t-shirt. T-shirts don't always have to be baggy or lazy; they can be stylish and add a more put-together look to your outfit. You should find the right shirt for you, your body, height, and sense of style! A sharp-dressed man can definitely own a good t-shirt - maybe even a bunch!

The Linen T-Shirt
You'll see dads on yachts wearing these shirts with trousers or shorts. It's comfortable, breathable, and lightweight for the summer. This material is easy to relax in and will feel breezy throughout a hot summer day. This shirt is perfect for water activities or even just sweatier guys, as it is a quick-drying material. This shirt will go just as well with loose comfortable pants as they will with jeans or even some shorts.

Coloured T-Shirts
Having the option to choose a solid color shirt can add quite a bit of variety to man's wardrobe. Experiment with different shades that and see how it looks with your skin tone as well as other pieces in your closet. A plain colorful shirt with some nice pants can be paired with a bomber jacket or a blazer for a more put-together look. Finding a good-quality colored shirt is not as difficult these days because more retail stores are putting in technology into their shirt fibers to ensure that your shirt will retain its shape and color even throughout the sunny months.

The Graphic Tee
This one is a little more edgy and fashionable. It's a basic tee cut but with something cool on the front of it. Perhaps it's your favorite band or video game. Maybe it’s just a picture of a cute animal. These are trendy and popular with millennials. Usually, you will pair graphic tees with whatever you'd pair a regular t-shirt with. Skinny jeans look good, but classic blue or black jeans will look great as well. Slip on a jean jacket for something a little bit more stylish.

The Longline
This style of t-shirt can give a more casual, laidback skater look. Although it has a long length, the collar and sleeves are short, giving you the opportunity to show off your arms and those shoulder gains you’ve been working so hard on. Some people might feel like the almost dress-length seems a little strange, and the fact is that it's not for everyone and won’t suit every body type. This type of t-shirt will make you look a lot trendier and slimmer with a pair of slim fit jeans. It can also be used for layering. Avoid skinny jeans, though, as it may make you look like an oversized lamp.

Short-Sleeved Henley
It is very possible that you already have one of these in your closet. These t-shirts look stylish and are entirely comfortable. This shirt will make you look like a modern fashionista even if you’re just rocking it with your old comfortable pair of ripped jeans. This shirt looks best on guys with more muscles to show off, but don't let it discourage you from rocking that dad bod. There are so many summer-appropriate ways to style this piece. Slip on some slim-fit denim and a light blazer, and you will feel and look great!

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