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How to Know if a T-Shirt is High-Quality

How to Know if a T-Shirt is High-Quality

If you spot a custom t-shirt deal that seems way too cheap, there’s definitely a reason for that price difference. When prices drop, quality does as well. That may mean cheaper materials, lower labor costs, or even skipping certain steps completely. You may get a cheap custom garment, but will it last? Chances are the wear and tear will show after a couple of washes.

If you’re looking for clothing that will last, you need to be willing to pay. The fact of the matter is high-quality material and expert craftsmanship is going to cost you. Some people even say that buying great clothes is going to hurt you a little bit.

Nonetheless, a pricey t-shirt isn’t necessarily made of good quality. Price is indicative of quality, but it is no guarantee. Oftentimes a premium is put on certain items just because they carry the brand’s name. There are most definitely companies that sell high-quality products for an affordable price, but they aren’t as easy to find.

Want to ensure that your next t-shirt purchase will last? Here are a couple of tips:

Focus on the fabric

If you want a shirt that lasts, you’ve got to choose a fabric that will last. Most of the time, fabric blends with more cotton last longer. That means 100% cotton shirts tend to last longer. Prints also tend to come out a lot cleaner. Natural fibers age better compared to synthetic blends. Polyblends also wear out relatively quickly simply because some components don’t last as long as others.

That being said, a 100% cotton shirt isn’t necessarily high-quality. There are so many types of cotton out there. Even Egyptian, Pima, and Sea Island blends are not created equally. The more tightly the fibers are woven, the longer the garment will last. Contrary to popular belief, shirts made of tightly woven fabric don’t necessarily weigh more. The density of the fabric is different, not the weight or thickness.

If you’re looking to determine the quality of a cotton fabric, you’ve got to look at the length of the fiber. Longer fiber lengths make for higher quality cloth. This is because long fibers can be spun into fine yarn more easily. They also make for fabric that is softer and more durable.

Although you may think a soft t-shirt is high-quality, that is not always the case. Some shirts are coated with a substance that makes it feel soft to the touch. After a couple of washes, it no longer feels as soft and comfortable.

Natural or synthetic?

Just as with cotton, natural fibers are not all equal. People often assume that synthetic fabrics aren’t as good. However, they most certainly do have a place of their own in the fashion industry.

When brands choose synthetic fibers, they are usually either looking to keep costs low or looking for a certain characteristic offered by synthetic fibers. In some cases, clothes need to be made of fabric with elastic, impermeable, and breathable qualities. Take, for instance, sportswear. Synthetic fibers are undoubtedly the better choice here. Sportswear needs to be able to wick away sweat rather than absorb it. Since cotton is absorbable, it isn’t the best choice for such garments.

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