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All You Need to Know About Basketball Clothes

All You Need to Know About Basketball Clothes

The sports that different athletes play define the uniforms and other gear that they wear. The same applies to basketball as well. In organized basketball, the uniform for a team of players is matching jerseys and shorts. Traditionally, home teams wear light-colored jerseys that display their mascot name, while visiting teams wear dark-colored jerseys that display the name of the city (NBA) or college. Rules for a perfect uniform are:

// Each uniform must display one or two digits on the front and back of the jersey

There should be numbers on the front and back of the jersey. The numbers on a jersey are used to identify a player when calling violations. In most cases, the digits can only be 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. That being said, although it is a rare allowance, the NBA, has allowed players to use numbers higher than 5. This limitation on numerals allows referees to use their hands to signal player numbers to the game's official scorekeeper. Otherwise, a player wearing a jersey with number 9 could be confused with a player wearing number 54.

// Uniforms have evolved since the first game was played in 1891

In the early years of basketball, players wore long-sleeved wool jerseys with long pants. However, it didn't take long for players and coaches to realize that long sleeves hindered arm motion while shooting the ball. Heavy uniforms also caused fatigue among the players.

Shorts and sleeveless jerseys are now the accepted uniform worn by basketball players.

Basketball players have worn tight-fitting shirts and shorts for decades. In the 1990s, however, players began to wear baggier uniforms, a style that was popularized by NBA star Michael Jordan. NBA rules state that shorts cannot be longer than 1 inch above the knee. But if you have watched a match recently, you will know that many players do not follow this rule. Another important part of a basketball player’s outfit is their shoes. In basketball, most players wear high-top athletic shoes. The reason behind that is high-tops give better support to the ankles of players, which are prone to get injured with all the jumping and quick lateral moves.

Why a Proper Basketball Uniform is So Important     

Each element of the uniform is important and serves a purpose in the game. The following outlines the purpose for the uniform and is something that all players should read, understand, and respect. Players who are well-informed and know why they need to wear a uniform do not mistreat the uniform, forget to wear parts of the uniform, and ignore the uniform rules. Learning these things can be especially important for children who are just learning to play the game with a team.

// Ease of Movement

The loose fitting nature of a basketball uniform allows a player to move quickly and without difficulty. The fit of the shoe helps to ensure that the player has the right range of movement in their ankle and can be agile on the court. Tight and binding uniforms can restrict movement and affect the game of a player.

// Keeps Players Safe

Uniforms are also meant to protect players. The right shoes will protect a player from common ankle injuries and a well-fitting uniform will help to keep players from getting tangled in their uniform or getting hurt due to an ill fit.

// Helps To Play Better

Wearing a uniform allows a player to focus on the game instead of how they look. Too often people get caught up in their own appearance and forget what they are doing. Wearing a uniform allows a player to focus solely on their game and perform at their best. The purpose of a uniform is to fit a player and help them play their game well. With a perfect uniform, they will not have to worry about shoes that are too big or a too tight, or a pair of shorts that is too long or loose.

// Builds Team Unity

Uniforms also create the visual appearance of a team. Being in the same uniform and looking the same help to create a team mentality that helps a team work well together and produce good results on the court. Fans immediately recognize a team by their uniform and many fans make it their uniform too, which is a way of showing the team their support. Uniforms are important, as you can see. They are not just a way to make everyone look the same. Many are of the idea that players are made to wear uniforms to make sure that no particular player stands out. However, on the contrary, uniforms help players stand out even more because viewers can really see their talent without getting distracted by what they wear.

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