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A Complete Guide to LeBron's Fashion Style


LeBron James is one of the most influential figures in the world, and it all started on the court. He’s accomplished an impressive amount of things and has been involved in much. However, he will still go down in history as one of, if not the greatest basketball player of all time. Even if you’re not a basketball fan, chances are, you have seen or heard about him from somewhere as there are many things that he’s achieved off the court throughout the years. LeBron’s fashion game is probably as strong and powerful as his basketball skills, as he’s taken that world by storm even before he started his NBA career. With that said, here are the highlights of LeBron James’ wardrobe game:

The Suits
Most of LeBron’s suits are customized, as is the case with many NBA players, as it’s not very likely that you can find an off-the-rack suit that fits a 6’8”, 260 lbs man. You will typically see LeBron in Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford suits.

The Shirts

LeBron usually shows up in a Polo or a Lanvin shirt, as those seem to be his favorite brands. He prefers brightly-colored shirts such as pink and light blue, so if you want to pull off the same look, those are the colors you need.

The Henleys
LeBron likes wearing a henley, as he often shows up to games in one. If you want to pull off the same look, look for one with a Nehru collar, as those are his favorite.

The Sweaters
LeBron probably has a separate wardrobe filled with nothing but sweaters, as he’s never spotted wearing the same one again. His favorites — outside of his typical LBJ gear — are Michael Bastian’s, as he’s been spotted wearing one on quite a few occasions.

The Leather Jackets
James is a big fan of the Rocker’s leather jacket. He’s been seen wearing them with jeans and either leather shoes or sneakers.

The Jeans
When it comes to jeans, LeBron’s favorite brands are Levi and APC, but there are many cheaper alternatives that have the same look.

The Hats
Baseball caps and beanies are James’ favorite headgear options. He wears them with all types of clothing, from blazers and leather jackets to t-shirts. You can also find him in a wool fedora made by Hill-Side.

The Glasses
The thick-framed, oversized glasses are the trend nowadays, and LeBron is a big fan of them. He’s been seen in one of these glasses, both the clear and the shaded ones.

The Watches
LeBron is a big fan of luxurious watches, as his collection is massive. He switches them around almost on a daily basis, but his favorite seems to be the Legacy, the Grand Prix, and the Carbon Fibre Royal Oak series.

The Shoes
Like many other basketball players, LeBron has massive feet, so you know that most of his shoes are custom-made. Other than the LBJ shoes that he wears on the court, he likes many different leather shoes too.

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