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9 Rules To Look Good For Any Basketball Game


You don’t have to settle for looking sweaty and messy just because you’re playing a sport (although there’s no reason why you shouldn’t!). You can look stylish and fashionable as you play, too! Sure, you probably won’t be putting as much thought into what you wear as Charlotte Shultz at a Symphony opening, but you may want to make a bit of an effort. Whether there’s a cutie you’re looking to impress or you just like looking fly all the time, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best when you land the game-winning 3-pointer. Here are some tips to help you look like an experienced basketball player, even if you can hardly dribble the ball properly:

1 -Wear An Appropriate Basketball Jersey

It might seem like a good idea to let everyone know how much you love basketball by turning up to the court each week in a 2003 Speedy Claxton jersey, but unless you were born before 1995, you may want to choose a more age-appropriate player to be a fan of. There is nothing wrong with having the name of an old superstar, but you want to be able to say at least you’ve watched most of their games live. Throwbacks are cool, but they eventually become cliche if you overdo it.

2 - Accessories Can Help You Standout

When you’re on a basketball court, everyone will be wearing the same thing: jerseys, shorts, and some fresh trainers. If you want to make a subtle statement about how your appearance, rock a headband and toss on a wristband. A good rule of thumb is to keep things symmetrical and ensure they are the same color. Not only will these accessories make you look more stylish, but they’re practical and can keep the sweat off of your face.

3 - Loose Fit is Better

Your jersey shouldn’t be so tight that it restricts your movement. When buying a new one, look for a jersey that is at least one and a half sizes too big. Your shorts should be slightly longer than your knees, and your socks should be as short as possible. The one thing you don’t want to stand out for is being a newbie, and pulling your socks high up will make you easily identifiable straightaway.

4 - Untuck Your Shirt

Your jersey isn’t a work shirt, and no one will tell you off if you leave it untucked. Unless you’re wearing your dad’s oversized jersey or playing in the NBA, there is no reason to tuck it in. In fact, you will look much more stylish when you untuck your jersey, and it can help you be more agile.

5 - Don’t Wear Regular Prescription Glasses

If your eyesight is bad, consider wearing contact lenses. If your sweat keeps getting into your eyes and making it hard to see, however, consider getting basketball goggles. These will help you see clearly and fit your face snugly, ensuring they do not fall off as you move around the court. Basketball goggles also are tougher than regular prescription glasses and are less likely to get damaged. Be more like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and not Kurt Rambis; croakie-straps are a definite no-no.

6 - Be Confident And Set New Trends

Why be a trend follower when you can be a trendsetter? Just look at LeBron James’ Instagram feed, and you can see how much of an icon he is for basketball fashion. With enough skills on the court, you can make anything look cool. Go ahead and take a risk! Wear that sweatpants and sweater combination that you’ve been itching to try. If you believe that you can rock it, people will start to see it, too!

7 - Try To Look Like A Veteran on The Court.

Intimidate your opponents on the court before you’ve even touched the ball by armoring yourself with knee and ankle pads. Pick a well-worn jersey. The more used it looks, the better. You want people to know you mean business and that this game is one of the thousands you’ve played in the past. Don’t scrub off any bloodstains - wear them like war medals. This will make you look like a seasoned pro and gain you some respect on the court.

8 - Wear Appropriate Shoes

Your work shoes are not appropriate, and neither are your everyday sneakers. Invest in some decent basketball shoes or at the very least, trainers with good ankle support. This will help prevent injury and make you look like you belong on the court. Keep your shoes clean and replace fraying laces. Basketball shoes don’t have to cost you an arm or a leg, but they should help you grip the court and protect your ankles from injury.

9 - Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Some players might turn up in the oddest looking combination of clothes, but once the whistle blows, they will surprise you with how skilled they are. Though it can help with your confidence, there is no relationship between looking stylish and being good at basketball. Therefore, don’t expect your skills to significantly improve just because you’re outfit is on point. The person wearing mismatching socks and kit might have their focus on the game, rather than their appearance.

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