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9 Rules To Look Good For Any Basketball Game

You don’t have to settle for looking sweaty and messy just because you’re playing a sport (although there’s no reason why you shouldn’t!). You can look stylish and fashionable as you play, too! Sure, you probably won’t be putting as much thought into what you wear as Charlotte Shultz at a Symphony opening, but you may want to make a bit of an effort. Whether there’s a cutie you’re looking to impress or you just like looking fly all the time, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best when you land the game-winning 3-pointer. Here are some tips to help you look like an experienced basketball player, even if you can hardly dribble the ball properly:

1 -Wear An Appropriate Basketball Jersey

It might seem like a good idea to let everyone know how much you love basketball by turning up to the court each week in a 2003 Speedy Claxton jersey, but unless you were born before 1995, you may want to choose a more age-appropriate player to be a fan of. There is nothing wrong with having the name of an old superstar, but you want to be able to say at least you’ve watched most of their games live. Throwbacks are cool, but they eventually become cliche if you overdo it.

2 - Accessories Can Help You Standout

When you’re on a basketball court, everyone will be wearing the same thing: jerseys, shorts, and some fresh trainers. If you want to make a subtle statement about how your appearance, rock a headband and toss on a wristband. A good rule of thumb is to keep things symmetrical and ensure they are the same color. Not only will these accessories make you look more stylish, but they’re practical and can keep the sweat off of your face.

3 - Loose Fit is Better

Your jersey shouldn’t be so tight that it restricts your movement. When buying a new one, look for a jersey that is at least one and a half sizes too big. Your shorts should be slightly longer than your knees, and your socks should be as short as possible. The one thing you don’t want to stand out for is being a newbie, and pulling your socks high up will make you easily identifiable straightaway.

4 - Untuck Your Shirt

Your jersey isn’t a work shirt, and no one will tell you off if you leave it untucked. Unless you’re wearing your dad’s oversized jersey or playing in the NBA, there is no reason to tuck it in. In fact, you will look much more stylish when you untuck your jersey, and it can help you be more agile.

5 - Don’t Wear Regular Prescription Glasses

If your eyesight is bad, consider wearing contact lenses. If your sweat keeps getting into your eyes and making it hard to see, however, consider getting basketball goggles. These will help you see clearly and fit your face snugly, ensuring they do not fall off as you move around the court. Basketball goggles also are tougher than regular prescription glasses and are less likely to get damaged. Be more like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and not Kurt Rambis; croakie-straps are a definite no-no.

6 - Be Confident And Set New Trends

Why be a trend follower when you can be a trendsetter? Just look at LeBron James’ Instagram feed, and you can see how much of an icon he is for basketball fashion. With enough skills on the court, you can make anything look cool. Go ahead and take a risk! Wear that sweatpants and sweater combination that you’ve been itching to try. If you believe that you can rock it, people will start to see it, too!

7 - Try To Look Like A Veteran on The Court.

Intimidate your opponents on the court before you’ve even touched the ball by armoring yourself with knee and ankle pads. Pick a well-worn jersey. The more used it looks, the better. You want people to know you mean business and that this game is one of the thousands you’ve played in the past. Don’t scrub off any bloodstains - wear them like war medals. This will make you look like a seasoned pro and gain you some respect on the court.

8 - Wear Appropriate Shoes

Your work shoes are not appropriate, and neither are your everyday sneakers. Invest in some decent basketball shoes or at the very least, trainers with good ankle support. This will help prevent injury and make you look like you belong on the court. Keep your shoes clean and replace fraying laces. Basketball shoes don’t have to cost you an arm or a leg, but they should help you grip the court and protect your ankles from injury.

9 - Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Some players might turn up in the oddest looking combination of clothes, but once the whistle blows, they will surprise you with how skilled they are. Though it can help with your confidence, there is no relationship between looking stylish and being good at basketball. Therefore, don’t expect your skills to significantly improve just because you’re outfit is on point. The person wearing mismatching socks and kit might have their focus on the game, rather than their appearance.

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A Complete Guide to LeBron's Fashion Style

LeBron James is one of the most influential figures in the world, and it all started on the court. He’s accomplished an impressive amount of things and has been involved in much. However, he will still go down in history as one of, if not the greatest basketball player of all time. Even if you’re not a basketball fan, chances are, you have seen or heard about him from somewhere as there are many things that he’s achieved off the court throughout the years. LeBron’s fashion game is probably as strong and powerful as his basketball skills, as he’s taken that world by storm even before he started his NBA career. With that said, here are the highlights of LeBron James’ wardrobe game:

The Suits
Most of LeBron’s suits are customized, as is the case with many NBA players, as it’s not very likely that you can find an off-the-rack suit that fits a 6’8”, 260 lbs man. You will typically see LeBron in Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford suits.

The Shirts

LeBron usually shows up in a Polo or a Lanvin shirt, as those seem to be his favorite brands. He prefers brightly-colored shirts such as pink and light blue, so if you want to pull off the same look, those are the colors you need.

The Henleys
LeBron likes wearing a henley, as he often shows up to games in one. If you want to pull off the same look, look for one with a Nehru collar, as those are his favorite.

The Sweaters
LeBron probably has a separate wardrobe filled with nothing but sweaters, as he’s never spotted wearing the same one again. His favorites — outside of his typical LBJ gear — are Michael Bastian’s, as he’s been spotted wearing one on quite a few occasions.

The Leather Jackets
James is a big fan of the Rocker’s leather jacket. He’s been seen wearing them with jeans and either leather shoes or sneakers.

The Jeans
When it comes to jeans, LeBron’s favorite brands are Levi and APC, but there are many cheaper alternatives that have the same look.

The Hats
Baseball caps and beanies are James’ favorite headgear options. He wears them with all types of clothing, from blazers and leather jackets to t-shirts. You can also find him in a wool fedora made by Hill-Side.

The Glasses
The thick-framed, oversized glasses are the trend nowadays, and LeBron is a big fan of them. He’s been seen in one of these glasses, both the clear and the shaded ones.

The Watches
LeBron is a big fan of luxurious watches, as his collection is massive. He switches them around almost on a daily basis, but his favorite seems to be the Legacy, the Grand Prix, and the Carbon Fibre Royal Oak series.

The Shoes
Like many other basketball players, LeBron has massive feet, so you know that most of his shoes are custom-made. Other than the LBJ shoes that he wears on the court, he likes many different leather shoes too.

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Fun Facts About LeBron James

NBA star LeBron James is one of the most well-known names in the world. This basketball superstar is considered one of the greatest players in history. LeBron James will be joining the Los Angeles Lakers in a 4-year deal this year. Here are some more fun facts about LeBron James:

High School Superstar

Even when he was still in high school, LeBron James had exquisite skills. He played for St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in his hometown, Akron. He also played varsity American football. During his sophomore and junior years, he set quite a few records and was soon noticed by Ohio State University, Notre Dame University, and the University of Southern California. As a result, he was offered multiple scholarships.


James has been awarded the National Basketball Association's Most Valuable Player four times as well as the NBA Finals MVP three times. In 2004, he was named "Rookie of the Year," only one year after being drafted. He also took part in playing in the United States national team in three Olympic games, winning the USA bronze in 2004 then gold first in 2008, before winning it again in 2012.

Coming Home

James had left the Cleveland Cavaliers multiple times throughout his career. He joined in 2003, then left two months after the team had their worst loss in history. James left to join the Miami Heats. His decision was heavily criticized as a betrayal and was seen as selfish. In 2014, James rejoined the Cleveland Cavaliers stating that he was coming home.

Huge Net Worth

LeBron James was placed in sixth place on Forbes' list of the World's Highest Paid Athletes, making him the richest basketball player on that list. More than half of that money comes from his endorsement deals with huge brand names like Coca-Cola, Kia Motors, Intel, Beats By Dre, and other big names. His biggest contract, of course, is Nike. His lifetime contract with them is rumored to be worth well over $1 billion.

LeBron James, an Activist

James runs the Family Foundation, which is his own charity for children in need in his hometown Akron, Ohio. He gives out scholarships and arranges programs for the needy children of his home town. James is a huge advocate for bringing awareness to race-based hate crimes and issues in the United States. He protested against the murder of Trayvon Martin, an African-American teen who was shot while walking home in 2012. He is passionate about investing his time and money back into the community.

Friendship With Obama

LeBron James has a long history with former US president Barack Obama. He visited the White House multiple times. When Obama was running for president, James took part in many efforts, gave many donations, and even helped in hosting an early-voter registration rally where over 20,000 attendees showed up to support him.

He's a Huge Fan of Liverpool

James acquired a 2% stake that was worth approximately $6.5 million. Since then, the value of the club has grown more than five times its original value. Estimates from ESPN say that his stake is now currently worth over $32 million.

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Why is Basketball So Popular?

Basketball has become one of the most popular sports in the world today. Even non-basketball players know how the rules work, and sometimes they even wear basketball apparel when they go out for a jog or a hike. The sport is ridiculously popular that almost every country in Asia, Europe, and the USA play it. Here are a number of reasons why basketball is so popular:

1. It’s Cheap

Basketball is not an expensive sport to play. You only need a ball and a basketball court with a hoop. There are also options on the price range of balls, which means that you can choose depending on your budget. Also, a basketball court is not difficult to find. You can find them in schools and communities that welcome anyone who wants to play the game. As for the apparel, you don’t even need to buy basketball-specific clothes or shoes to enjoy the sport. You can wear whatever that you already have and that you’re comfortable in. However, it is a good idea to invest in a good pair of sneakers to protect your feet from any injuries that might occur during the game.

2. Easily Accessible

As mentioned, basketball can be played anywhere as long as there is at least one rim. All you need to do is find the nearest basketball court available in your neighborhood. If there isn’t one, you can search for any public playgrounds that are most likely going to have the equipment necessary for the game.

3. New Friendships

The best way to make new friends is through sports, and through basketball, you can play with five or more friends all at the same time. This means that you won’t have to wait around until it’s your turn, and you can enjoy playing all the time.

4. Simple Basketball Fundamentals

If you know how to dribble the ball and shoot, you’ve already got the basics down. The act of dribbling is so easy that you can learn it just by watching. Although shooting the ball requires some practice, it’s not that hard to learn. Another thing you need to learn is playing defense, which is easy as you only have to stand in front of an opposing player and try to block his or her way as best as you can. That being said, knowing fundamentals is not good enough if you are going to play a higher level of the basketball game, but that’s not to say that it’s not possible. Basketball is a game that everyone can play for fun as well as professionally!

5. Straightforward Rules

The rules of basketball are very simple and easy to learn. You just need to remember a few simple rules such as avoiding any form of body contact when another player is in the middle of shooting. This is why it’s so easy to play with your friends as there are no complicated rules to remember.

6. Basketball Camps For Everyone

There are available basketball camps or clinics available for anyone who wants to hone their basketball skills as well. Highly skilled coaches who can help you master your shooting, dribbling, and other basketball skills that you may need to learn will be at your disposal, ready to help you improve.

7. It’s Being Broadcasted Everywhere

As basketball is a very popular sport, basketball games are televised everywhere. A lot of basketball leagues such as the NBA, WNBA, Olympics, and others are being covered by television channels across the world. This means that you can still enjoy and experience the game from the comfort of your homes even though you’re not playing.

8. It’s a Bliss!

Last but not least, basketball is fun! Plus, it’s a great sport to meet new people with mutual interests. In other words, you can have a lot of fun while building new friendships.

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All You Need to Know About Basketball Clothes

All You Need to Know About Basketball Clothes

The sports that different athletes play define the uniforms and other gear that they wear. The same applies to basketball as well. In organized basketball, the uniform for a team of players is matching jerseys and shorts. Traditionally, home teams wear light-colored jerseys that display their mascot name, while visiting teams wear dark-colored jerseys that display the name of the city (NBA) or college. Rules for a perfect uniform are:

// Each uniform must display one or two digits on the front and back of the jersey

There should be numbers on the front and back of the jersey. The numbers on a jersey are used to identify a player when calling violations. In most cases, the digits can only be 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. That being said, although it is a rare allowance, the NBA, has allowed players to use numbers higher than 5. This limitation on numerals allows referees to use their hands to signal player numbers to the game's official scorekeeper. Otherwise, a player wearing a jersey with number 9 could be confused with a player wearing number 54.

// Uniforms have evolved since the first game was played in 1891

In the early years of basketball, players wore long-sleeved wool jerseys with long pants. However, it didn't take long for players and coaches to realize that long sleeves hindered arm motion while shooting the ball. Heavy uniforms also caused fatigue among the players.

Shorts and sleeveless jerseys are now the accepted uniform worn by basketball players.

Basketball players have worn tight-fitting shirts and shorts for decades. In the 1990s, however, players began to wear baggier uniforms, a style that was popularized by NBA star Michael Jordan. NBA rules state that shorts cannot be longer than 1 inch above the knee. But if you have watched a match recently, you will know that many players do not follow this rule. Another important part of a basketball player’s outfit is their shoes. In basketball, most players wear high-top athletic shoes. The reason behind that is high-tops give better support to the ankles of players, which are prone to get injured with all the jumping and quick lateral moves.

Why a Proper Basketball Uniform is So Important     

Each element of the uniform is important and serves a purpose in the game. The following outlines the purpose for the uniform and is something that all players should read, understand, and respect. Players who are well-informed and know why they need to wear a uniform do not mistreat the uniform, forget to wear parts of the uniform, and ignore the uniform rules. Learning these things can be especially important for children who are just learning to play the game with a team.

// Ease of Movement

The loose fitting nature of a basketball uniform allows a player to move quickly and without difficulty. The fit of the shoe helps to ensure that the player has the right range of movement in their ankle and can be agile on the court. Tight and binding uniforms can restrict movement and affect the game of a player.

// Keeps Players Safe

Uniforms are also meant to protect players. The right shoes will protect a player from common ankle injuries and a well-fitting uniform will help to keep players from getting tangled in their uniform or getting hurt due to an ill fit.

// Helps To Play Better

Wearing a uniform allows a player to focus on the game instead of how they look. Too often people get caught up in their own appearance and forget what they are doing. Wearing a uniform allows a player to focus solely on their game and perform at their best. The purpose of a uniform is to fit a player and help them play their game well. With a perfect uniform, they will not have to worry about shoes that are too big or a too tight, or a pair of shorts that is too long or loose.

// Builds Team Unity

Uniforms also create the visual appearance of a team. Being in the same uniform and looking the same help to create a team mentality that helps a team work well together and produce good results on the court. Fans immediately recognize a team by their uniform and many fans make it their uniform too, which is a way of showing the team their support. Uniforms are important, as you can see. They are not just a way to make everyone look the same. Many are of the idea that players are made to wear uniforms to make sure that no particular player stands out. However, on the contrary, uniforms help players stand out even more because viewers can really see their talent without getting distracted by what they wear.

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The Impact of LeBron James on The Fashion World

The Impact of LeBron James on The Fashion World

With his recent move to the Lakers, LeBron James has taken the NBA world by storm. James is among the best basketball players in history, and some would even argue that he’s the greatest of all time. Aside from that, he’s also one of the most influential people in the world, and although he’s not an active political speaker, he cares a lot about his roots and the community he came from.
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